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Imagining Nations

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Autoportret 3[32]/2010
Imagining Nations

Miroslav Hroch The modern nation: a platitude, construction or invention? [PDF]
Jan Randák Where is my home? [PDF]
Andrzej Szczerski New Europe [PDF]
Dušan Škvarna Genuine or artificial homeland [PDF]
Anna Vetraková An appealing symbol of Slovakia [PDF]
Antoni Kroh The Tatras of nations [PDF]
David Crowley Zakopane style − national style [PDF]
Jakub Puchalski The nationality of music? [PDF]
Aleksandra Paradowska In the suburbs but close to the centre [PDF]
András Hadik ‘There was no Hungarian language of forms but there will be’ [PDF]
Noémi Petneki A steppe nomad or stray rider? [PDF]
Endre Prakfalvi, Pál Ritoók Socialist in content, national in form [PDF]
Jurko Prochaśko Sense and sensation [PDF]
Vadim Bass Takeaway literature [PDF]

The issue has been published with the financial support of the International Visegrad Fund.