Autoportret received a grant from the IVF

It is a great pleasure for us to inform you that “Autoportret” has received a financial support from the International Visegrad Fund within the “Small Grants” programme. Our application concerned issue no. 4[36]/2011 which is provisionally titled “Identity in space” and will be devoted to the ways in which broadly understood identity of the inhabitants of East-Central Europe has been rendered in space and architecture after 1989. The issue is to be published at the turn of 2011 and 2012 and our partners in this project are Magyar Épitészeti Múzeum (Hungarian Museum of Architecture in Budapest), a Prague-based magazine „Zlatý řez” and Spolok architektov Slovenska (Slovak Architects Association) in Bratislava.

“Identities in space” will be the fifth issue in the history of our magazine which received a support from the IVF, the four previous publications were “Around Functionalist Architecture”, “Organic Architecture”, “Death in Central Europe”, and “Imagining Nations”.

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