We are pleased to inform you that we have prepared an English version of the “Utopias” issue of “Autoportret”, which has been distributed in a form of a limited CD edition during the European Culture Congress in Wrocław.

Please find below all articles in separate PDFs.

2[34]/2011 UTOPIAS

Dorota Jędruch, Editorial [PDF]
Crisis of utopia? Editorial questionnaire [PDF]
Dorota Jędruch, The trouble with utopia [PDF]
Jarosław Urbański, Beyond the horizon [PDF]
Paweł Jaworski, This is how gradually a calm, intelligent and valuable industrial worker is created… [PDF]
Łukasz Stanek, Collective luxury [PDF]
Terra – Michał Duda and Roman Rutkowski talk to Stefan Müller [PDF]
David Crowley, Cold war landscapes [PDF]
Michał Wiśniewski, Concrete garden [PDF]
Piotr Winskowski, A lopsided space-time loop [PDF]
Tomasz Z. Majkowski, A utopia that will come [PDF]
Emiliano Ranocchi, From machine to man & back again [PDF]
Simona Forti, Politically corrected bodies [PDF]
Notes on the authors [PDF]
Quotation [PDF]

The English edition has been prepared with the financial support of the ‘Victoria’ Coking Plants PLC (WZK „Victoria” S.A.) in Wałbrzych.